WooCommerce booking

  1. If you have Woocomerce booking Enabled on your WordPress website then all you have to do is choose “E-Commerce/Booking” App type from gneral details step.
  2. After this, The mobile application will automatically support the bookable products type that are defined in your WordPress website.
  3. Mobile app users can select appointment for the booking (Date&Time – Number of persons). 
    1. [Hours and mins based setup only is supported] 
    2. Multiply all costs by person count.
  4. Logged in mobile app users can view their bookings as a profile menu item contain all booking (Upcoming – previous).
  5. Cancelation of bookings also supported through the app.
  6. All booking related notifications are handled as push notifications in the app.

Important note: You must enable push notifications and provide correct integration parameters in integration step for notifications to function properly).


Here’s how the bookable product will look like:


Bookings in user profile:

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