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This page provides a comprehensive user guide for our clients to be able to use APPExperts platform and successfully generate wonderful apps that are ready to be released into the market and boost their businesses.
Here you can find information about APPExperts plugin, steps of creating the mobile application and user profile and account features.

This documentation will provide  you with essential information to:

  • Signup for a new account on APPExperts.
  • Create an application using APPExperts.
  • Guide to build your android and iOS apps.

The documentation will always be updated with every new release of APPExperts platform to keep you informed of all our exciting upcoming features. Let’s get started! 

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1.1.Purpose of the platform

APPExperts is a premium software that gives you the power to turn your WordPress-powered website into a mobile application for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Users can complete the process of creating their application in 5 simple steps:

  • General Details
  • Access
  • Content
  • Integration
  • Build
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2.Plugin Installation

In order to be able to generate your application, you need first to download and install our plugin on the WordPress website that you’re planning to connect to your app.

  • Open the admin panel on your WordPress site and select the dashboard tab from the main menu.
  • Select the “plugin” tab from the main menu.
  • Select the “Add New” option to add a new plugin.
  • In the search bar, type “APPExperts.”
  • When the “APPExperts” plugin is displayed in the results section, click on the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin.

You can also download our plugin from from here:

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3.User profile and plans

Navigate to the Web Application Panel of APPExperts, There’s user icon on top right corner of the page that allows you to go to your profile and subscription details

  1. profile tab:

  1. subscription details (shows your current subscription plan details and soon will show payments history)



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3.1.User registration

To create an account on APPExperts, please go to the signup page  here 

you will need to provide your personal information and set a password  to your account, After you submit the signup form, you will be asked to verify your email.

An Email is sent to your inbox with verify email link, Make sure to complete this step to be able to create your application.

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3.2.Manage your subscription plan

  1. For new users who want to subscribe, you can check our subscription plans from our website here
  2. You need to first have an account on our platform  in order to be able to subscribe to a plan. All our new users are put on our free forever plan that includes our core features + credits of APPExperts on the generated apps pages.
  3. After selecting a plan, you will get redirected to the checkout page to complete the payment for the selected subscription.
  4. Payment is processed through Stripe platform that accepts all types of cards and is secure.
  5. After completing the payment, You will receive an email with the invoice and your account will automatically be moved to the new plan to enjoy its benefits.
  6. The payment card should be saved on stripe for automatic renewal and in case your card requires authentication for each transaction, You will receive an email that you can follow to complete the payment.
  7. You  can change your subscription plan any time using change plan option in your profile

  1. You can cancel your subscription plan anytime by using the cancel plan option in your profile. Note that cancellation takes place after the end of the current active plan period.


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  • You can log in to your created account using their email and password.
  • If the you forgot your password, you can ask for a new password by submitting a request to the system. The system will ask you to write your email that is associated with the account, You will receive an email to reset your password.
  • It’s recommended that you use secure passwords and that you change your password every 3 months. 
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4.Creating a new application

In this section, You will learn how to create and configure your mobile application 


Tip: Before you start, make sure you organize your thoughts and requirements about your needed app features and pages so that you go through a smooth app building journey! 

Our free plan provides you with an option to create only one application using APPExperts.

We’ll soon release our premium plans which will enable users to create multiple applications using the platform.

You can meanwhile, tryout our initial version and if you have any features suggestions, Kindly fill this form:


Let’s Get Started!
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4.1.Step 1: Configure your app (General details)

General details step allows you to do the following:

1. Define your app name

2. Define package name

3. Provide app description 

4. Select app category -> Currently APPExperts allows you to create apps of three types:

  • Blog app
  • Ecommerce app (based on woo commerce)
  • Informative app (suitable for company websites and NGOs) 

5. Connect your WordPress website which you want to pull data from it into your mobile application

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4.1.1.Add an app name

Enter a unique name for the app in the app name input field.

App name must be unique ( doesn’t exist on google play or apple store). 

Your app name should represent your brand name or is inspired by your app functionality.

This is the name that will be display on the application when it gets published on stores and in apps menu when users install the app.




  • There is a simple way to check availability of package name Follow this step:

            > First go to browser

            > here your package name

if there is no result its available for you, otherwise you saw application of this package name owners



  • You can also use tools like this tool:
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4.1.2.Package name

The package name is a unique identifier for any app on the app store. You must meet the following requirements when choosing a package name:

  • Enter package name in the form of 3 sentences separate with a dot (xxx.yyy.zzz)
  • The system will verify that name with Google PlayStore and Apple Store.
  • an example of package name: If your url is then a valid package name would be: com.mysite.appexperts


You can also choose to let APPExperts auto Generate the package name for you by clicking on Generate option

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4.1.3.Add the app description

Write a short description for your application in the description input field.

Make sure app description provides hint about your core app features and what will user get when he uses the app.

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4.1.4.App Category

APPExperts allows you to create apps of three categories:

  • Blog app: This is suitable for websites that have an active WordPress blog as this type allows the app to list and display blog posts from your connected website.
  • E-commerce (based on woo commerce) : This type is suitable if your connected website is an E-commerce store based on woo commerce plugin. Make sure woo commerce is enabled on your website if you’re planning to select this option.
  • Informative app: This is suitable for company websites and NGOs websites. This option allows you to create a mobile app that lists specific pages from your website in any order you provide.

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4.1.5.Add website URL

  1. Make sure that APPExperts plugin is installed on your wordpress website and is activated
  2. copy your website’s base url as in this format “” and paste it in “Your website url” field 
  3. copy license key from AppExperts plugin settings on your wordpress website and paste it in License key field
  4. If your website type is ecommerce, please make sure that you have woocommerce plugin activated
  5. press connect and the connection checker will let you know if you have successfully completed the connection.

Here’s where you can find the license key


Note: If you can’t see this section this means that your plugin is outdated. Please update your plugin first to be able to see license key part.

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4.1.6.App testing

You can test the connection between APPExperts and your website through cconnection status section indicated in the screenshot below.

To obtain a successful connection you need to make sure that:

  • APPExperts plugin is instlled and active on your website 
  • Your provided website base URL is correct and added in a correct format (
  • in case you’ve selected E-commerce type, make sure that you have woo commerce plugin installed and enabled on your connected website. 

You can always contact our support if you face any issues during your website connection 🙂 

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4.1.7.Add consumer and secret key

Note: This step is related to ecommerce app type only.

Woocommerce plugin must be installed on your website for this step to work.

To allow the mobile app to read ecommerece data from your website, You will need to add a consumer key and secret key.


Press here to find the steps on how to get the consumer and secret keys.

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4.2.Step 2: Manage application settings

In this step, You can manage the following:

  1. Access requirements to your application (login, sign up, allow guests)
  2. Language requirements (one language or multilingual , set default language in case of multilingual websites)   Note that in order to enable more than one language you must have WPML plugin enabled on the connected website.
  3. Set splash screen image, splash background and app icon 
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4.2.1.Require login

Use this feature if you want to require login to your application in order  to allow users access to the rest of the app features.

Login currently supports login by email or username and password for free plan

For pro plan: you can enable login by phone number and otp (see next section)


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4.2.2.Enable registration

If your mobile application allows guests to create user accounts then enable this feature.

This means that users may select to register for the application as an optional step. Users have to create a username and password during the registration process.

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4.2.3.Enable login

This means that users may select to login for the application as an optional step, they can proceed to see app pages as guests.

Users can log in with their username and password. In order for this step to work, the admin must give access to users from the backend.

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4.2.4.Manage Application Language

This section allows you to manage languages of the application.

a pre-requiset here is to enable WPML plugin on your connected website.

If WPML is activated, You will see your enabled languages in the “available languages” dropdown”

You will be able to select one of the languages as your default languages.


If the website doesn’t have WPML, then the app will be in the default language of  the website.

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Users can select one or more languages from the given list only if WPML is enabled on the connected website and it has more than one language.

Yes No Suggest edit Language

Select the default language for your application, if the app has only one language then it will be automatically selected as the default language.

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4.2.5.Configure Application icon and splash screen

In this section, You will learn how to change application splash screen and application icon.

Splash screen is the first screen that appears for few seconds once the user opens the application.

APP icon is the icon that represents the application in applications list and on app stores


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Splash screen is the screen that appears for few seconds when users open the application by clicking on app icon.

You can upload your custom design for splash screen.

Yes No Suggest edit the app icon

You can specify app icon by uploading the correct file based on the requirements of app icon design provided from apple and google at the following guides:



Yes No Suggest edit Application splash colors

You can choose a color to set it as  splash screen background color if you do not want to upload it as an image.

The splash screen in this case will consist of the app icon (logo) and the set background color.

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4.3.Step 3: Configure Application Content

In this section, You will be able to setup application look and feel, pages and content. 

APPExperts allows you to create app pages using existing pages and components in your connected website


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4.3.1.Look & Feel of the application

In this section, You can define application colors (main color, secondary color and text  color.

Main color: is the  color used for application backgrounds and main elements

secondary color: is used for smaller components of the pages

Text color: is used for defining color  of text showing in the app.

Make sure to choose colors that provide contrast in the app so that the app becomes usable and readable.

Example: white background and black text.

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4.3.2.Configure application functional parts

In this section, You can control application functional parts such as:

  • Menu (menu position and style)
  •  search (based on wordpress search)
  • logo (icon) appearance in app pages


Yes No Suggest edit WordPress search functionality

Use “show search” option to enable search functionality.

This is based on WordPress main search functionality.

Search Icon will appear in the header of your app


Yes No Suggest edit logo in app pages

You can choose to display the app logo on the application’s main screens and will be visible in all pages.

Yes No Suggest edit menu direction

The control menu direction feature allows you to change how your app menu will look like

Horizontal menu: This is the default setting, The menu will appear at bottom of the app pages horizontally.

Side: If this option is selected, the menu will appear as a side menu (user should click on menu icon to view menu items) 


Yes No Suggest edit Application content

This section describes how to manage your application pages and content. How to setup app pages using content from your connected website.

Yes No Suggest edit local

Local options are also dependent on WPML preferences on the connected website, If your website has languages with different local, then you get to change the local to the desired default one.

Yes No Suggest edit font

You can customize your app font so that you can use a relevant font to your brand and enhance the user experience of your customers.

Yes No Suggest edit Application

APPExperts provides some basic features in content that use known terms in language such as “Login, signup , my account” , those terms might change based on business and marketing needs.

In this section, You can see all those terms listed, You can change any of them by simply clicking on the green text and change it. The word written in green is what will be displayed within app pages.


Yes No Suggest edit Content components

APPExperts provides a set of tools that you can use and mix to be able to create your app content as you want.

  • Posts (including blog and custom posts from custom post types)
  • Search (based on WordPress search functionality)
  • Custom Homepage
  • Static Page (with static content including text and image)
  • WordPress Pages (from existing WordPress pages on the connected WordPress website)
  • External page (a URL that opens in webview within the application)
  • Contact Us
  • WooCommerce Products (for ecommerce apps only)
  • Categories (categories of post types and products)
  • WordPress posts
  • WordPress taxonomy
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Add post type page to your mobile application menu

  1. Select one of the following layouts for your post display
    • list description
    • grid description
    • image list description

      Layout type
  2. Select one of post type (post-testimonial)

Yes No Suggest edit Homepage

Customize your home screen content and banners the way you want by adding slider photos linked to your website content

Add a slider to the app’s home page by adding a photo and title.

select each slider element and connect it to a specific link, You have lots of options from existing content on the connected website.


Example for connecting a category:

Select category type

Enter the ID for the specific category.

Yes No Suggest edit Page

This tool allows you to Create a page with static content in your mobile application by adding a photo and text with the help of ,an advanced text editor.

This feature enables you to add pages to your application like terms and  conditions pages, privacy policy, special content pages.

Yes No Suggest edit Page

This tool enables you to select a page from your existing WordPress pages on the connected website and include it as a page in your mobile application.


Yes No Suggest edit page

This tool allows you to add a menu item to your application that redirects to an external page (url), it will be displayed as web view.

Yes No Suggest edit Us

You can select contact fields on the form (e,g, address, phone number, email address, etc.) You can also add the location of your business.

To use location service, /you must activate Google Maps API from integration section.

Yes No Suggest edit Products

*Ecommerce app type only*

IF your selected app type is ecommerce using woocommerce, You must add the WooCommerce products  component in order to enable store functionalities for the app.

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You can choose to display your website’s categories in the application menu.

Categories are a type of taxonomies that are used to categorize post types such as: 

  • blog posts
  • Products (will be listed in case your website is using woocommerce)
  • custom post types 

Yes No Suggest edit post

You can select a specific post from a specific post type and display it as a page within you app with a link to it from application menu.

The WP post component enables you to select a post type and select post id that you want to display.

Post ID can be found by hovering over the post from posts list, the browser will display a url at bottom of the page that will show you the post id.

You can also add a plugin to display post ids in your posts list to make it easier.


Yes No Suggest edit taxonomy

You can choose to add a specific taxonomy that will be shown in the mobile application menu.

You can control how the taxonomy will appear (list or grid or list with image and description)

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4.4.Step 4: Manage Application build (Export my app)

Here you can learn about how to build your application and get an APK for android and get an ios version.


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4.4.1.Build Application

Before you publish the app, there’re some integration credentials that you will need to provide:

  1. If your application uses maps in any of its pages, You will need to add google maps API key from your google account.
  2. If your app is an ecommerce app that uses woo commerce, you will need to provide consumer key and consumer secret.  Press here to find the steps on how to get the consumer and secret keys.
  3. To publish the ios version, You will need to provide your apple account credentials that will allow APPExperts to publish the iOS version on your own test flight account.



Once your integrations are all set, You can select the builds you want to generate.

Version number must be higher than the previous version number if you’ve built the app before.

Version code is an important parameter also and should be valid.

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4.4.2.Mange Version History

You can  view all versions of your app and download a specific version if needed from version history icon on the right-side of the screen. 

iOS versions can be downloaded only from your test flight account.

Android versions can be downloaded from APPExperts version history list.


Note that: build takes some processing time, We will send you an email with build status and URL once the build is done.

You can always check build status from the version history list.

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5.View and handle Applications

Through your dashboard, You can do the following:

  • View your applications
  • Manage Application (edit or delete or view version history)

Note that you can have multiple apps only if you’re subscripted to a premium plan which will be released soon.


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6.How to generate iOS version

A.  In order to be able to generate an iOS app version, You need to have the following:

  1. An iOS device (An iPhone or an iPad )
  2. An apple account

Here’s how to enroll in apple developers program as an individual 

3. Install test flight application. 

This application allows you to get a version of your app that is for testing purposes and install it safely on your device.


B.  You will need to connect APPExperts to your apple account so that we can publish the version on your own TestFlight account. This will require you to get some credentials from your apple account and provide them into your APPExperts app inside integration step here:

Watch this video to know how to get the needed credentials.



C. After this, You can click on build button and choose to generate an iOS version. APPExperts will build the app and will send you an email notification once the build is done with its status (Successful or failed)

In case of failed builds, Please contact our support to get the error log related to your build

In case of successful builds, You will find the application available on your test flight account.



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7.Pro plan features

7.1.Push notifications

Please note that push notifications are a Pro feature which is available for “Pro Plan” Subscripers only.

AppExperts push notifications are simple and easy to configure and use. We currently support android notifications and iOS are coming soon.

  1. Make sure you’re on Pro plan
  2. go to integration step in your appExperts account and provide the needed firebase integration parameters which are:
  • google service json file
  •  google service info) 
  • server key

To get those files and the key, you can find instructions from firebase here 


3. After this connection, Your push notifications should be enabled and working, Just make a check from your wordpress plugin that the following sections appeared to you:

  • Send custom push notifications
  • Notifications settings

and that in notifications settings (under plugin settings) . the key says “connected”


Read the next section to know how to:

  • Show notification icon in app
  • Send custom push notification
  • configure automatic notifications
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7.1.1.How to send custom push notifications

After doing the needed firebase connection step and the site key worked successfully, You can start sending custom push notifications.

To send custom push notifications:

  1. Open your wordpress admin panel.
  2. Go to AppExperts menu item, Select “Manual Push Notification”
  3. Fill in the form and once you press send the notification gets sent immediately to the specified segments.

Important notes:

  • If WPML is enabled and your website has multiple languages, Then you will see tabs for translating the notification title and content in the other languages.
  • Target can be set to a URL that when users click on the notification, the URL opens in app in Webview.
  • Segments are using the default wordpress users roles. So for Example if you want to send a notification to “subscribers ” user role only, select that role. You can select up to 3 roles
  • if no segments (roles) are selected then the notification will go to all users who have accounts on your wordpress site.
  • You Must check the “send to guest users” check box  if you want the notification to reach guests as well.
  • Pressing on Save and Send will send the notification immediately to the users.
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7.1.2.How to show or hide notification icon in app

If notifications feature is enabled in your account, You can see this toggle in content step:


by enabling this toggle, push notifications icon and list will show in app for logged in users.

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7.2.2. login with phone number and OTP

  • For Pro plan users, when you enable login, you can find an option to select methods of login (by email or by phone number and OTP
  • If login with OTP is enabled, The application will have a login form with phone number and users get a one time password through sms to verify their identity.
  • This method works for signup as well if registration is enabled.
  • you can define the default country code that will be pre-selected in the login with phone number screen.




Important configuration notes:

In order for this feature to work correctly, you will need to have firebase account and provide the following fields in AppExperts builder’s  integration step.

  • Google Service JSON
  • Google Service INFO

And add the following keys (SHA-1 and SHA 256)  in your created firebase app:


In OTP tap in integration step:

Provide the following:

API key  (from firebase)

You will also need to take Team ID key from apple account and add it in firebase settings if you want OTP to work in ios as well.

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7.3.3. Products reviews

  • For Pro plan Users, in case of “Ecommerce apps”  if you’re enabling products reviews from Woo commerce settings then your application will display reviews as well in single product page.
  • All you need to do to enable reviews is to go to woo commerce on your connected WordPress website and enable reviews from settings

Woocommere –> settings — > Products –> reviews 

  • Enable product reviews to allow users see product reviews and add product reviews
  • Check reviews can only be added by verified owners if you want reviews to only be added by users who bought the product before
  • Enable star rating to view stars rating on products cards in products listing pages and sections

  • After saving those settings, you can see reviews visible in single product page in AppExperts previewer and in your next app build.
  • Note: if you already have an app build, and enabled reviews after the build , you will need to create a new build to see it in the app.


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7.4.4. Wishlist (Yith wishlist plugin integration)

For Pro users, If you want to Enable “Wishlist” Feature for your ecommerce application that is built using AppExperts, You can do this by installing “Yith wishlist Plugin” on your connected wordpress website.

  • You need to make sure that the plugin is active
  • To enable Wishlist in your mobile application , Go to Content step, and enable Wishlist
  • This will display add to Wishlist button on product cards and in inner page of products. (always make sure that Yith plugin is activated before you enable this)
  • Wishlist exists for guest users as well as logged in users.
  • You can control static strings of Wishlist from translation section at the end of content step.
  • Users will be able to remove items from their Wishlist any time.
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7.5.5. Custom intro screens

Custom intro screens are a set of screens that appear to users when they install your mobile application for the first time to give them hints and info about your application features and functionality. They’re always a great orientation point to your application for your customers.

How to Enable intro screens: 

  • With AppExperts, For pro plan users, You can enable intro screens feature and customize their content.
  • To Enable Intro screens, go to App settings, and enable “intro screens.
  • The intro screens settings section will appear at the same step below the splash screen settings.

You can control the following:

  • create new intro screen ( up to 5 screens)
  • Set background image for your intro screen or choose a specific color for it.
  • set up title, description and  image of each step of the screens.
  • you can choose to use your uploaded app logo in the intro screens.
  • you can control color of title and description of the screen.
  • If your website has WPML enabled, You can see all your selected languages in intro screen section to set different content for each language.

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7.6.6. Integration with Contact Form 7

  1. Enable contact form 7 plugin on your application, if the plugin isn’t installed you can download it and install it from here
  2. To be able to add a contact form to your application, you need to insert “Contact form 7” component to your menu items from content step.
  3. Select a form from form dropdown that lists all your existing forms on the connected WordPress site.
  4. You can customize the header that is displayed before the form in your app from form description field.
  5. If you want your app users to view the form in different languages, You must have WPML plugin and install this addon to it  “Contact Form 7 Multilingual addon ” and here’s a guide on how to use the addon on your website.
  6. After saving your changes, The form will exist successfully in your app and all form submissions from the app will exist among the related form responses.

7. Here’s an example of how the form will look like on your application:

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7.7.7. WooCommerce booking integration

  1. If you have Woocomerce booking Enabled on your WordPress website then all you have to do is choose “E-Commerce/Booking” App type from gneral details step.
  2. After this, The mobile application will automatically support the bookable products type that are defined in your WordPress website.
  3. Mobile app users can select appointment for the booking (Date&Time – Number of persons). 
    1. [Hours and mins based setup only is supported] 
    2. Multiply all costs by person count.
  4. Logged in mobile app users can view their bookings as a profile menu item contain all booking (Upcoming – previous).
  5. Cancelation of bookings s also supported through the app.
  6. All booking related notifications are handled as push notifications in the app.

Important note: You must enable push notifications and provide correct integration parameters in integration step for notifications to function properly).


Here’s how the bookable product will look like:


Bookings in user profile:

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7.8.8. Peepso integration (Social network app)

  • PeepSo is a FREE WordPress plugin which allows you to easily create gorgeous user profiles and spectacular communities within your WordPress site.
    • To be able to create a PeepSo application, From AppExperts builder choose  pro App Category “Social Community”
    • PeepSo plugin should be active on your connected WordPress website.
    • In content step, you can find four  components that you can add to your menu and are related to  peepso which are:
      1. Timeline– includes posts, comments, react to user posts – adding new post [image, video, text] 
      2. Members [view members, add friend, send request, accept and reject friend request] 
      3. Groups [view group, create group, join, invite, accept invitation, reject invitation, leave group]
      4. Profile [view profile details [albums, videos, friends], view others profile] 
    • You can build the social community application with registration and login of AppExpert.
    • Integration supports the following addons:
      1. PeepSo Core: Audio & Video (we support video only)
      2. PeepSo Core: Friends
      3. PeepSo Core: Groups
      4. PeepSo Core: Photos
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