Peepso integration

  • PeepSo is a FREE WordPress plugin which allows you to easily create gorgeous user profiles and spectacular communities within your WordPress site. #
    • To be able to create a PeepSo application, From AppExperts builder choose  pro App Category “Social Community”
    • PeepSo plugin should be active on your connected WordPress website.
    • In content step, you can find four  components that you can add to your menu and are related to  peepso which are:
      1. Timeline– includes posts, comments, react to user posts – adding new post [image, video, text] 
      2. Members [view members, add friend, send request, accept and reject friend request] 
      3. Groups [view group, create group, join, invite, accept invitation, reject invitation, leave group]
      4. Profile [view profile details [albums, videos, friends], view others profile] 
    • You can build the social community application with registration and login of AppExpert.
    • Integration supports the following addons:
      1. PeepSo Core: Audio & Video (we support video only)
      2. PeepSo Core: Friends
      3. PeepSo Core: Groups
      4. PeepSo Core: Photos

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