Troubleshooting app build

After you build your application, you might find that the build failed in your version history, In this page you can find the most common reasons and how to fix them



  1. If you’re using firebase integration, double check your package name, If the app build fails, it’s most probable that your package name provided in AppExperts general details step doesn’t match the package name of the created firebase app on your own firebase account.

2. Double check your package name and make sure it matches the validation format.

3. Double check your app icon, If your app icon has alpha channel (any layers with opacity less than 100%) , then this causes failure of app build, since Google and Apple accept only icons without alpha channel.

4. If yo’ve checked all the above and build still fails, Contact AppExperts support, we will access your build log file and give you exact failure reason and help you out to fix it.

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