Intro screens

Custom intro screens are a set of screens that appear to users when they install your mobile application for the first time to give them hints and info about your application features and functionality. They’re always a great orientation point to your application for your customers.

How to Enable intro screens: 

  • With AppExperts, For pro plan users, You can enable intro screens feature and customize their content.
  • To Enable Intro screens, go to App settings, and enable “intro screens.
  • The intro screens settings section will appear at the same step below the splash screen settings.

You can control the following:

  • create new intro screen ( up to 5 screens)
  • Set background image for your intro screen or choose a specific color for it.
  • set up title, description and  image of each step of the screens.
  • you can choose to use your uploaded app logo in the intro screens.
  • you can control color of title and description of the screen.
  • If your website has WPML enabled, You can see all your selected languages in intro screen section to set different content for each language.

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