Login with Phone number

  • For Pro plan users, when you enable login, you can find an option to select methods of login (by email or by phone number and OTP
  • If login with OTP is enabled, The application will have a login form with phone number and users get a one time password through sms to verify their identity.
  • This method works for signup as well if registration is enabled.
  • you can define the default country code that will be pre-selected in the login with phone number screen.

Important configuration notes:

In order for this feature to work correctly, you will need to have firebase account and provide the following fields in AppExperts builder’s  integration step.

  • Google Service JSON
  • Google Service INFO

And add the following keys (SHA-1 and SHA 256)  in your created firebase app:


In OTP tap in integration step:

Provide the following:

API key  (from firebase)

You will also need to take Team ID key from apple account and add it in firebase settings if you want OTP to work in ios as well.

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