Build Application

Here you can learn about how to build your application and get an APK for android and get an ios version.

Before you publish the app, there’re some integration credentials that you will need to provide:

  1. If your application uses maps in any of its pages, You will need to add google maps API key from your google account.
  2. If your app is an ecommerce app that uses woo commerce, you will need to provide consumer key and consumer secret.  Press here to find the steps on how to get the consumer and secret keys.
  3. To publish the ios version, You will need to provide your apple account credentials that will allow APPExperts to publish the iOS version on your own test flight account.


Once your integrations are all set, You can select the builds you want to generate.

Version number must be higher than the previous version number if you’ve built the app before.

Version code is an important parameter also and should be valid.

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