App Category

APPExperts allows you to create any of the following categories:

  • Blog app:
    • This is suitable for websites that have an active WordPress blog as this type allows the app to list and display blog posts from your connected website.
  • E-commerce/booking (based on woo commerce) :
    • This type is suitable if your connected website is an E-commerce store based on woo commerce plugin.
    • Make sure woo commerce is enabled on your website if you’re planning to select this option.
    • If you have WooCommerce booking, it will be supported in this app type as well.
  • Informative app:
    • This is suitable for company websites and NGOs websites. This option allows you to create a mobile app that lists specific pages from your website in any order you provide.
  • Social App
    • This app type is based on Peepso plugin, which enables you to create a social network app type.

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