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AppExperts supports google admob. In order to include ads in your mobile application you should do the following steps:

  1. Login  in to google admob, If you don’t have an account go to google admob and create a new account.
  2. Go to Apps and add app (you will need to create a separate app for each platform (Android and iOS) )
  • Choose if app is listed on store or not.
  • If the app is listed on store you will have to select your app from store.
  • Provide app name if your app isn’t listed on store.
  • After your app gets added, It should be approved by google admob first but you can create ad units freely.
  • To create an ad unit, open your created app from admob dashboard
  • click on ad units and click on ‘add ad unit’ button.
  • Provide unit name and create ad
  • Once the unit gets created, you can see app id and unit id which you can place in AppExperts  in the following places:
    1. App id goes to APPExperts integration step, Google AdMob (based on the platform of the created app)
    2. Unit id goes to APPExperts content step, unit id goes to admob section in APPExperts component that you want to display an ad into.
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  • Important note: You should create apps for the two platforms in order for the ads to work even if you’re planning to only build on one platform (Android or iOS).

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