Push notifications

Please note that push notifications is a Pro feature which is available for “Pro Plan” Subscribers only.

AppExperts push notifications are simple and easy to configure and use. We currently support android notifications and iOS are coming soon.

  1. Make sure you’re on Pro plan
  2. go to integration step in your appExperts account and provide the needed firebase integration parameters which are:
  • google service json file
  •  google service info) 
  • server key

To get those files and the key, you can find instructions from firebase here 


3. After this connection, Your push notifications should be enabled and working, Just make a check from your wordpress plugin that the following sections appeared to you:

  • Send custom push notifications
  • Notifications settings

and that in notifications settings (under plugin settings) . the key says “connected”


Read the next section to know how to:

  • Show notification icon in app
  • Send custom push notification
  • configure automatic notifications

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