Custom push notifications

After doing the needed firebase connection step and the site key worked successfully, You can start sending custom push notifications.

To send custom push notifications:

  1. Open your wordpress admin panel.
  2. Go to AppExperts menu item, Select “Manual Push Notification”
  3. Fill in the form and once you press send the notification gets sent immediately to the specified segments.

Important notes:

  • If WPML is enabled and your website has multiple languages, Then you will see tabs for translating the notification title and content in the other languages.
  • Target can be set to a URL that when users click on the notification, the URL opens in app in Webview.
  • Segments are using the default wordpress users roles. So for Example if you want to send a notification to “subscribers ” user role only, select that role. You can select up to 3 roles
  • if no segments (roles) are selected then the notification will go to all users who have accounts on your wordpress site.
  • You Must check the “send to guest users” check box  if you want the notification to reach guests as well.
  • Pressing on Save and Send will send the notification immediately to the users.

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