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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APPExperts?
App Experts is an integrated solution that consists of a WordPress plugin and a web application that allows you to create a mobile app using existing content of your own WordPress-based website.
How can I get the plugin and use your platform?

You can simply download our plugin from and create WordPress to mobile (iOS and Android) applications.

You will need to sign up for an account on our web application first. The plugin must be active on your website in order to create applications on App Experts.

Is APPExperts Free or Paid?

Creating your first application is and will always be free. App Experts is using a freemium model which allows you to enjoy the basic features for free and purchase extra features later only if you need them.

What technology do APPExperts mobile apps use?

App Experts is using flutter mobile application technology to create high-performing applications that are supported on both operating systems (iOS and Android). We also use APIs to get content from your connected website and allow you to use it within the application builder.

What are the types of WordPress websites that APPExperts can convert to mobile apps?

All WordPress websites are supported. App Experts works with the standard WordPress API. We also support woocommerce for eCommerce websites.

Can I customize my app or it should look exactly like my website?

App Experts provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to customize anything you want in your application starting with a splash screen, App icon, application colors to the extent of editing the app menu and adding custom static pages content.

You have tools to include any content from your WordPress website inside the app pages and organize it as you want.

How long does it take to create my app?

No more than a few hours at most! You will need to connect your website and once the connection is done, you can create your app pages and customize the needed screens. Once you’re done, App Experts builds you an android APK and allows you to take an ios version on your own test flight account.

We will notify you by email once the build process is complete which typically takes less than an hour to be completed.

Does APPExperts handle application publishing on the app and play store?

No. We only provide you with a ready-to-go application version. You will need to have an account on google play store and on the apple app store in order to be able to push your application live.

However, at App Experts, we make sure that the applications created are highly compatible with both store requirements and standards. If you want any assistance and it’s your first time publishing an app, you can contact our support team and we will guide you through the process.

How can I download my ios application build?

Through App Experts, You can connect your own test flight account, Which is the official way of getting an iOS app version and installing it on your application.

Is it possible to create a multilingual application?

Yes. App Experts supports the famous WPML plugin that provides translation solutions to WordPress websites. If you have a WPML plugin installed and active on your connected website then AppExperts will reflect the existing language and localization options and allow you to customize them as you want.

Does the e-commerce application created by APPExperts include in-app purchases?

No. In the case of e-commerce applications, The payment is done through your website (using iframes), So the actual payments aren’t processed within the app.

This guarantees that your website’s checkout experience will exactly match the one that is set on your connected website.

How can I get help creating my app?

You can always contact our support team through live chat exiting at the bottom right side of the web application or through email at