Contact form 7

  1. Enable contact form 7 plugin on your application, if the plugin isn’t installed you can download it and install it from here
  2. To be able to add a contact form to your application, you need to insert “Contact form 7” component to your menu items from content step.
  3. Select a form from form dropdown that lists all your existing forms on the connected WordPress site.
  4. You can customize the header that is displayed before the form in your app from form description field.
  5. If you want your app users to view the form in different languages, You must have WPML plugin and install this addon to it  “Contact Form 7 Multilingual addon ” and here’s a guide on how to use the addon on your website.
  6. After saving your changes, The form will exist successfully in your app and all form submissions from the app will exist among the related form responses.

7. Here’s an example of how the form will look like on your application:

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