APPExperts Version.1.3.3 | Release Notes

APPExperts v1.3.3

We are pleased to announce the release of PeepSo Integration, a feature that has been much desired. Integrating a social network or online community into your app is simple. A brief rundown of the new features included in version 1.3.3 of the APPExpert plugin is as follows:

Integrating PeepSo with APPExpert can expand the social network to include a new pro app category. TIMELINE, MEMBERS, GROUPS, and PROFILE are the four new types of menu items that can be added. With APPExpert’s registration and login, the user can create the social community app. Version of the PeepSo Plugin is used for the integration, and it is compatible with the following extensions:

  • PeepSo Core: Audio & Video (video only)
  • PeepSo Core: Friends
  • PeepSo Core: Groups
  • PeepSo Core: Photos

You can now automatically submit your app to the App Store. With the new Publish feature, you can publish Android and iOS apps directly from your APPExpert account. You no longer need to log in to your account each time for a new app version publishing. You can instead choose the app version you want to deploy and then submit your app to the App Store.

1.  Integration with PeepSo

  • Add a new pro-app category, “Social Community.”
  • Add four new menu item types related to PeepSo.

1.  Timeline– includes posts, comments, react to user posts – adding new posts [image, video, text] 

Integration with PeepSo

2.  Members [view members, add friends, send requests, accept and reject friend requests] 

integration with PeepSo 1

3.  Groups [view group, create group, join, invite, accept the invitation, reject the invitation, leave group]

integration with PeepSo 2

4.  Profile [view profile details [albums, videos, friends], view others’ profile] 

integration with PeepSo 3

  • The user can build the social community application with the registration and login of APPExperts.
  • Integration is done with the latest PeepSo Plugin version, and supports the following add-ons:
  1. PeepSo Core: Audio & Video (video only)
  2. PeepSo Core: Friends
  3. PeepSo Core: Groups
  4. PeepSo Core: Photos

integration with PeepSo 4

2.  Automatically Publish App to The Store

  • Add new menu item in APPExperts builder “Publish”:
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. History

Automatically Publish App To The Store

  • Allow users to select the version to publish and then complete the form with the required data ex:
  1. Application Name
  2. Default Language
  3. Manage Language
  4. Category
  5. Screenshots

Automatically Publish App To The Store 1

  • The user can fill in the application data for each selected language.
  • The user can save the data to his/her store account.
  1. Submit As Draft
  2. Submit To Review

Automatically Publish App To The Store 2

  • The history page contains all the required history of the Builds with status:
  1. Draft (submit as draft or submit to review)
  2. In progress (sending the form to the store)
  3. Sent to review (successfully saved and sent to review)
  4. Sent as draft (successfully saved and sent as a draft to store)
  5. Fail (when the form is saved but not submitted to the store)

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think about APPExperts and how we can improve it.

Do you have questions or comments? Feel free to contact our support team at any time.

Thank you for using APPExperts

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