APPExperts v1.3.6 Release Note – The Customizable Mobile App Experience!

APPExperts v1.3.6

We’re happy to announce the release of APPExperts v1.3.6, the ultimate WordPress mobile app builder. The upgraded custom homepage enables users to add multiple clickable banners with custom links, adjust section orders, and exclude WordPress and WooCommerce taxonomies from the mobile app.

With the new custom homepage, you can design your mobile app’s visually appealing and engaging landing page. You can add an unlimited number of clickable banners to promote your products, services, or events and link viewers to the websites of your choice. You can adjust the section order to customize the user experience and highlight the most important content.

This article will go through the most notable features of the new and improved custom homepage.

Custom Home Page Banners

 Add multiple banners that can be clicked on and have custom links. When you choose a custom home page component from the content step, you can add the following sections:

  1. Recent Posts Section
  2. Slider Section
  3. Banners Section (with different layouts (one column, two columns, three columns)
  • You can add more than one banner.

Recent posts section

Slider section

Banner Section

Custom Home Page Sorting Of Page Sections

You can also change the order of your application’s sections by giving an order for each one. The number 1 is for the first part of the page, and the number 2 will come after it.

Custom Home Page Sorting Of Page Sections


Exclude WordPress and WooCommerce Taxonomies From Mobile Apps

  • You must have APPExperts plugin active on your website
  • The plugin adds a setting inside any of the edit taxonomies page (edit categories, edit products categories or tags, etc.); this setting allows you to exclude the taxonomy from APPExperts
  • Excluding a taxonomy from the mobile app means that it will not appear nor its products or posts inside lists of products and categories.

Exclude WordPress and WooCommerce Taxonomies From Mobile Apps
Leaderboard And Custom Ads Sizes In Google AdMob

Supported ad sizes are:

  • Standard banner (320×50)
  • Large banner (320×100)
  • Medium rectangle (300×250)
  • Full banner (468×60)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Dynamically sized banner

Update Of JWT Version To Version 5.5.1

The JWT version has been upgraded to version 5.5.1 in this update.

Fix Web View Caching

 The user’s navigation automatically updates the website’s views.


APPExperts is the most powerful and user-friendly mobile app builder. It’s ideal for non-coders who want to make a custom, engaging, and professional mobile app. Download APPExperts v1.3.6 today and start building the ultimate mobile app experience!

You can always contact us, and feel free to share your experience.

Thanks for using APPExperts

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