APPExperts v1.3.4 Release Notes

APPExperts v1.3.4

We are excited to launch APPExperts v1.3.4, which features new integrations, updates, and fixes. We would also like to thank our customers for helping us plan new features and project roadmap, making APPExperts the best WordPress mobile app builder today.

Before we dive into the details of the latest release, take a look at the changelog:

  • Added – Shimmer Loading
  • Added – Custom App Loader 
  • Added – App Caching
  • Added – Terms & Conditions
  • Added – Option to delete the account
  • Added – Integration with PeepSo (Pro Feature)
  • Added – Admob Integration (Pro Feature)
  • Added – Google Analytics (Pro Feature)

Integration with PeepSo (Pro plan feature)

We have added compatibility and support for PeepSo, allowing users to use PeepSo’s features inside the mobile application. 

What is PeepSo?

PeepSo is a super-light and free social networking plugin for WordPress. PeepSo is highly efficient and user-friendly, similar to Facebook in terms of easy use – but with better productivity.

What’s new in APPExperts v1.3.4?

  • Report post – The user can select a reason and report the post to the admin.
  • Report users – The user can select a reason and report the user to the admin.
  • Handle the banned user view when the admin bans the user from the frontend website.
  • Handle Followers and Following list to view from the profile tabs instead of the web view.
  • Add Friends requests notification list with actions (Accept – Reject).
  • GiPHY Post & Comments – The user can create GiPHY comments or posts by selecting GiF from the GiPHY list.  
  • Post Background – The user can create posts with Background. The user views a list of backgrounds added from the backend.
  • Upload Audio – The user can upload audio and create a post with this file.
  • Upload Video – The user can upload audio and create a post with this file.
  • Hashtags – The user can add hashtags to his post and view all posts using these hashtags.

Google Analytics (Pro plan feature)

We know how difficult it is to measure advertising ROI or collect data from your apps to create reports that provide insights into your business. 

Customers with a pro plan subscription will have the Firebase integration option in general integration. Here, they can view useful information and metrics for the following:

  • Admob 
  • General events such as Login, Search and Sign up
  • E-Commerce events 
  • Contact form 7 events

Admob Integration (Pro plan feature)

The users in the pro plan can access the AdMob feature and setup Ads for each component added 

Shimmer Loading

The mobile user can view shimmer loading for loading data on the App pages.

Custom App Loader

  • The user can add a custom App Loader in the app settings tab.
  • The uploaded app loader must be in GIF format.

Custom App Loader

App Caching 

  • To have a better experience when navigating between pages, Pages load when the user opens them for the first time per session. If the user visits a previously opened page, it loads the cached content.

Terms and Conditions

  • The user can select the terms and conditions page, shown in the Login screen or in the registration screen —> I agree to our Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

Delete Account Option

If the application has registration enabled, Users of the application can choose to delete their account, which deletes all their personal data from the application.

Delete account option

Delete account option

To know more, please read the technical documentation or contact us at our support channels

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