APPExperts V.1.3.8 |Release Notes

APPExperts v1.3.8

We are happy to present the introduction of APPExperts V.1.3.8, which includes many brand-new features and bug fixes to improve the performance of your app experience. The following are the most important features included in this release:

Integration with PeepSo Chat

You may now send and receive messages, create group chats, add and delete people, mute conversations, and enable or deactivate read receipts by integrating the app with PeepSo Chat. Additionally, you can send gifs and images from your camera or gallery. Also, you can search within chats and browse a list of unread messages.

Support for PeepSo Polls

APPExperts now supports PeepSo Polls, allowing you to create and post polls with multiple options. You can also view voting results on the poll.

Support for PeepSo Locations

Support for PeepSo Locations has been introduced, allowing you to add a location to a post and update that location.

Advanced Search Options

With APPExperts Version 1.3.8, you may choose searchable app elements and activate or disable search for each component in the builder. Additionally, options for filtering search results by post type have been added to the search results page.

Bug Fix for WooCommerce Products

We’ve addressed a bug that caused issues with variations in selection behavior in WooCommerce products.

Show Cart on Home Page in E-commerce App Type

We’ve added new functionality to the E-Commerce app type that displays the cart on the homepage.

We hope the newly added features and bug fixes will improve your app experience. As always, please reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback. 

Thank you for using APPExperts!

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