APPExperts v1.3 Release Notes

APPExperts v1.3 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of APPExperts v1.3, which features optimization, improvements, and fixes for the plugin. 

Our team’s efforts went into refactoring the APPExperts plugin that, ensures plugin stability, performance, and security. This is an important update in terms of security because now, guest users will be prevented from accessing critical APIs. 

Another update in APPExperts v1.3 includes the upgrade to the Flutter base. The latest version is compatible with Flutter 3.3, which helps improve your mobile application’s performance and code response.   

We have highlighted everything that’s added to the latest release below:

Refactoring the APPExpert WordPress Plugin

  • Enhanced APPExperts’ integration to ensure plugin stability, whether the integrated plugin is active or inactive.
  • Enhancement results in better performance and security – Prevent guest users from accessing critical APIs and ensure that mobile apps created on the previous versions continue functioning up to standards.
  • Change the setting to only display values from active integrated plugins.
  • Add a filter or hook that can be used to extend the integrations.

Updated the plugin’s Flutter base from v2 to v3.3

    • Upgraded the Flutter base from version 2 to 3.3 – Improve application performance.
    • Handle packages Compatability with flutter 3.3 and perform the upgrade.
    • Conduct code analysis and review to enhance the performance of the code response in general. 
    • Utilize memory usage in the app.

      👉 Learn more about Flutter v3.3’s new features.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix – Error message appears when a registered user opens the WooCommerce Products List.
  • Fix – Sent notification time in the notification list is not the same as the WP time.
  • Fix – Add to Cart Button does not disappear in “Out Of Stock” products.
  • Fix – Notification for order status change isn’t sent to the user.
  • Fix – Notification for order status change does not appear in the notifications list.
  • Fix – The checkout Button isn’t functional for guest users.
  • Fix – Extra text appears on the Checkout page and Page Design.
  • Fix – When the user adds a specific product category on the Home page, the user is redirected to the Posts list instead of a specific product category. 

Any thoughts or concerns? Feel free to contact our help desk at any time.

Thank you for using APPExperts

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