APPExperts v1.3.2 — Release Notes

APPExperts v1.3.2

Recently, things at APPExperts have been picking up a lot of momentum. The most requested features have just been added to v1.3.2, and we are confident that you will like using it.

It is now quite simple to Add a text button labeled “See How It Works” next to the title of the “Intro Screens Section.” When this button is clicked, a sample of the intro screen, along with a guide to each section, will be displayed.

Integration with contact form 7 enables pro users to add new menu items and forms to the application.

By syncing the cart from a local application to APIs, you can ensure that any changes made to the cart will be reflected in the updated products.

Users of the Ecommerce app who have placed an order can access any order notes that the store administrator has added.

Here’s A Quick Rundown of New Updates

1.  Enhancements APPExperts Builder

APPExperts Builder

  • Enhancement of the User Experience.
  • Enhance specific help texts, notes, and tooltips.
  • Addition of the “See How It Works” text button next to the title “Intro Screens Part” that displays a sample of the intro screen with a guide to each section.

2.  Integration with Contact Form 7

Integration with Contact Form 7

  • The Pro user can create a new menu item to add a form to the application (Need to install and active contact form 7).
  • The pro user is enabled to choose a form from a drop-down menu and enter a form header description.
  • With Contact Form 7 Multilingual add-on, the mobile user will view the form in his preferred language.

3.  Sync Cart

  • Sync the local cart with APIs to update all products in the cart.
  • All product details and availability are automatically updated.
  • Keep the app shopping cart in sync with the website.

4.  Order Notes as Order History

Order Notes as Order History

  • In the Ecommerce app, users can access all order notes added by the store admin.

5.  WC Booking

WC Booking

  • Support the type of bookable product in the eCommerce application.
  • The person booking on their phone can choose an appointment Date or Time and number of persons.
  • The mobile user’s bookings are available via a new profile menu item, including all bookings (Upcoming – previous).
  • Mobile users can cancel bookings if allowed from the backend.
  • All booking-related notifications are handled as push notifications in the app.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. Your comments are always welcome.

“Thanks for your using APPExperts”

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