The Top Mobile App Stores in 2023

The Top Mobile App Stores in 2023

You are willing to publish or launch your app to the leading app stores but do not know about other top mobile app stores besides Google Play and App Store.

To get the answer to your question regarding the popular mobile app stores worldwide, continue reading this comprehensive guide. 

App Store Statistics You Must Know

For your convenience, we have gathered some astonishing app statistics, helping you comprehend the importance of app stores in the right direction.

Here are these key statistics listed below:

  • There are over 1.8 million iOS apps available in the App Store. Similarly, Google Play has included more than 3.5 million Android apps for its users.
  • Different categories, including games, business, and education, are hugely popular among users in Google Play and App Store. Gaming apps constitute 21.06% of the App Store. Likewise, gaming apps have a remarkable share of 15.2% in Google Play.
  • Almost 97% of apps are free to download in Google Play, and 95% of apps are freely available in App Store as of July 2023  

Leading App Stores for Android

Apart from Google Play, you can depend on other Android app stores when publishing your app. Android operating systems are open-source nature-wise; therefore, you will likely see an array of Android app stores as companies or businesses establish their own app stores. 

Here is the list that includes various Android app stores:

– Google Play


Google Play, formerly known as Android Market, is a standout digital distribution platform created and managed by Google. At present, it is a leading app store, enabling billions of Android users to download and install their favorite apps across the globe instantly.  

You can see numerous popular apps that are frequently downloaded through Google Play. You can search apps by category hassle-free. If you are willing to enhance your rankings on high-value keywords, you must focus on optimizing your app listing, helping your target users download your app in huge numbers.

– AppBrain


AppBrain primarily works as a platform that enables app publishers to explore several marketing solutions. By doing so, they can appropriately promote their apps, depending on their business needs.

The platform does have a massive database of Android apps.

AppBrain has already launched 35 Android apps. Additionally, over 50 million users have downloaded these apps. As a result, Android users rightly assume AppBrain to be one of the prominent Google Play alternatives.

When you visit its app store, you can easily find millions of Android apps in one place. However, the platform does not have a dedicated app. It means users cannot download apps through AppBrain.  Instead, they will have to use its exclusive mobile browser-based app store to achieve their objective.

– 1Mobile


1Mobile is another impressive app store suitable for downloading millions of apps quickly. Furthermore, the app store lets you explore games, eBooks, and other valuable digital products. Unlike AppBrain, 1Mobile offers a dedicated mobile app to its users.

– Aptoide


If you want to use an open-source platform to download your preferred Android apps, Aptoide is a great option. On this platform, you can find various VR and smart TV apps. But, the app store does not support any other operating system since you can only launch Android apps on Aptoide.

– SlideMe


SlideMe is included in the list of top mobile app stores because it offers a dedicated Android app store. Through this platform, you can discover apps related to different categories, such as entertainment, themes, education, health and fitness, communication, productivity, news and weather, photography, and more. 

Notable App Stores for iOS

As you know, iOS is another popular app store created and operated by Apple. Here is the list that includes various popular app stores suitable for iOS users and developers:

– App Store

APP Store

The App Store is the most popular app store after Google worldwide. Currently, it has over 1.6 million iOS apps, and as expected, the App Store comes with all iPhone devices by default.

App developers must abide by the guidelines mentioned by the App Store. Otherwise, they cannot publish their apps anywhere else.

The same goes for iOS users as well because they will need to visit the App Store when discovering iOS apps. 

– Cydia


As a famous platform, Cydia lets you download and install iOS apps. That said, you can install these apps on jailbroken iOS devices. To download apps via Cydia, you must use a jailbroken device.

A jailbroken device allows users to overcome software restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. In this case, the manufacturer is Apple, as we discuss iOS devices here.

Still, there is no harm in including Cydia in the Apple App Store alternatives list because you can install numerous iOS apps hassle-free.

Prominent Chinese Mobile App Stores

Chinese Mobile App Stores

China is one of the most lucrative app developer and user markets worldwide. If you want to download and install iOS apps in China, you must rely on the App Store’s Chinese version.

Regarding the Android apps, you will use Chinese app stores because you cannot access Google Play while residing in China.

Here is the list that includes some of the most popular app stores in China:

– Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery is the official app store developed and created by Huawei. The app store is considered one of the leading Google Play alternatives in China that allows you to download apps on your Android devices. The store has successfully held a significant share of 44% of the Chinese mobile market.

– Tencent MyApp

Being a leading internet service provider in China, Tencent has its own marketplace. Through MyApp, an exclusive app store developed by Tencent, users can download and install Android apps on their devices accordingly. The store has around 16% share in the Chinese app market.  

– VIVO App Store

VIVO is a popular mobile manufacturing company that offers a dedicated app store in China. The VIVO app store has around 17% market share in the Chinese mobile market.

Other Chinese mobile app stores are 360 Mobile Assistant, Wandoujia, Samsung App Store, MIUI App Store, PP Assistant, etc. As per the study conducted by Statista, these mobile app stores help users publish their Android apps without any issues.

Mobile App Stores Powered by Mobile Networks

Mobile network companies maintain app stores to keep subscribers engaged and glued to their services. For instance, the Jio App Store is one of India’s leading mobile app stores. 

Similarly, SK Telecom proudly operates its app store by the name of T-Store in South Korea. MTNPlay is a famous Pan-African portal that provides customized app stores in 22 African countries.

Wrapping Up

Exploring your desired app store to publish your Android or iOS app is no longer cumbersome. Our extensive guide lets you quickly find top mobile app stores tailored to your needs.

Fortunately, you do not need to rely on Google Play and App Store when publishing your apps. You can benefit from different Apple app store alternatives or Google Play alternatives that let you promote or market your potential apps to diverse target audiences appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the famous app store for Android?

    Google Play is by far the most popular Android app store worldwide. Unsurprisingly, more than 3.57 million apps are available in Google Play. Google manages the store, which comes pre-installed with all Android mobile devices. 

  • What are the leading app stores in the world?

    As mentioned, Google’s Google Play is a popular app store globally. Apple’s iOS App Store is another leading app store that helps iOS users install numerous apps on their desired iOS devices. Interestingly, Android users can download and install various apps from different app stores besides Google.
    The famous mobile operating system follows an ecosystem-open approach, enabling developers to build multiple versions of the operating system called forks.

  • Which is the most downloaded Android app globally?

    According to Statista, users downloaded and installed the TikTok app from all around the world in 2022.

  • Are there official mobile app stores available?

    Google Play is an official app store because it helps you download a variety of Android apps on your preferred Android mobile devices, all by legal means.
    Likewise, you can assume Apple’s App Store as an official app store, allowing you to install a wide range of apps on iOS devices.

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