Best Google AdMob Alternatives to Monetize Your Mobile App in 2024 and Beyond

Best Google AdMob Alternatives to Monetize Your Mobile App

Does Google AdMob not fulfill your needs according to your business demands? Numerous small and large businesses frequently face this situation.

Google AdMob is a great choice for various customers, but it may not work well for every Android or iOS app. Fortunately, they can still experiment with various Google AdMob alternatives.

These powerful mobile app alternatives can revolutionize how small or large companies conduct their businesses globally.  

This blog post will explain the best Google AdMob alternatives businesses can use in 2024 and beyond, enhancing their mobile apps’ revenue potential.

Best Google AdMob Alternatives to Monetize Your Mobile App in 2024

Undoubtedly, Google AdMob is a credible mobile app monetization platform worldwide. Luckily, publishers and advertisers have many options when choosing their preferred mobile app monetization platform, depending on their target audience’s preferences.

Here are various mobile app advertising platforms other than Google AdMob that advertisers and publishers can use to maximize their target customer bases and revenues:

1.  Smaato


Smaato is one of the most impressive Google AdMob alternatives, delivering ad tech and monetization benefits. As expected, Smaato supports various ad formats, such as banner, interactive, video, rewarded, and interactive ads.

It enables app owners to develop highly customized interfaces to entice current and new users. Moreover, app developers can easily integrate tools like iOS SDK, Ad Tag, API, Android SDK, and more with Smaato, allowing them to access other services and systems.

Besides, its unique selling proposition (USP) is CPC campaigns and Banner Ads that help app developers and owners earn massive revenues by targeting relevant customers.   



Previously called StartApp, is an impactful app monetization platform. Its best feature is compatibility, as it supports numerous operating systems and frameworks, such as iOS, Android, Cordova, Marmalade SDK, Unity, etc. allows app publishers to access premium and multiple advertising campaigns. Additionally, they can benefit from the user-friendly dashboard that instantly lets them view daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

This platform allows app developers and owners to create engaging ads in various formats, including rich media, video, and native.

3.  Meta Audience Network


Meta Audience Network is a brainchild of Meta, previously known as Facebook. This mobile app monetization platform offers excellent value to advertisers and publishers.

Like Smaato, Audience Network is compatible with several ad formats like native, banner, interstitial, and rewarded video.

Suppose app publishers or app owners want to use Audience Network. In that case, they will require a Meta (formerly Facebook) Business Manager account and an iOS or Android app that must be available on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Meta Audience Network’s main motto is to help businesses monetize their mobile app game to the next level.

4. InMobi


InMobi is a leading mobile ad network that supports various ad formats, such as carousels, banners, native, interstitials, and rewarded videos. Furthermore, the impressive Google AdMob alternative excels in audience segmentation and targeting.

App publishers can target their existing and new customers based on distinct factors, such as operating system, device, location, and time zones.

Likewise, InMobi lets publishers customize native ads according to their apps’ designs and other requirements.

5. Appodeal


App publishers and advertisers can easily add Appodeal to their preferred Google AdMob alternatives list.

The platform mainly operates as a mediation network, enabling app publishers to manage and meet their monetization objectives using one single SDK (Software Development Kit).

Appodeal offers automated solutions to app publishers and developers who want to use a streamlined monetization process. It helps them maximize their revenues through impactful optimization techniques like user behavior analysis and performance monitoring.

What is the Importance of Mobile App Advertising and Mobile App Monetization?

Mobile app advertising helps app marketers, and publishers show ads to new and existing customers using smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mobile app publishers can make significant profits from mobile app advertising and fulfill the needs of large and engaged target audiences.

Mobile app monetization is a digital marketing strategy that combines various tactics, such as paid apps, subscriptions, In-App Purchases (IAP), and data monetization.

Apart from this, app owners and marketers must concentrate on other vital factors, such as app functionality, user behavior, user demographics, etc., to make mobile app monetization impactful and highly rewarding.

This way, they can make substantial profits in the future by appropriately addressing the demands of target customers.

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In this digital age, mobile apps have become a significant source of revenue for small and large online businesses. Therefore, you must transform your existing WordPress site into an attractive and impactful Android or iOS mobile app.

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Hence, they can benefit from increased sales and improved customer bases.

International Digital Advertising Market Size and Future Prospects

The international digital advertising market will reach US$ 740.3 billion in 2024. Moreover, the market will progress to US$ 965.6 billion by 2028.

Wrapping Up

We hope you liked our blog post, which explained Google AdMob alternatives comprehensively. Various mobile app monetization platforms are available worldwide, allowing app publishers and developers to increase their revenue potential.

However, selecting the right mobile app advertising is the key for small and large businesses to ensure improved sales and profitability in the coming years.

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