How APPExperts Integrates WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

What do you think? Do you think that mobile apps are mostly used by big corporations like Walmart?? No! Today, many businesses (both small and medium-sized) are implementing the mobile app trend. 

Wordpress Website Into A Mobile App

Mobile apps have evolved into an essential marketing tool for any organization, regardless of size. Many business owners believe that developing or owning an app is superfluous. On the other hand, a mobile app can assist businesses in engaging and growing their customer base, increasing sales, and improving their reputation.

Consumers downloaded 230 billion mobile apps to their connected devices in 2021, up from 140.7 billion in 2016.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Here are some key reasons to invest in a mobile app:

Product Promotion

Customers are more likely to remember companies with mobile apps. With regular updates, you can keep customers engaged in your products and services. It can also help you save money and time on traditional advertising channels, such as newspaper ads.

Customer Engagement

With mobile apps, businesses can interact with their clients in real-time. A mobile app will engage your customers whether you offer a promotion or a simple customer opinion poll. It means they will pay for your products.

Encourage Feedback

Your customers may have something to say about your product. It could be a compliment, a review, or even a complaint for your products. Good businesses never damage buyer-seller relationships after purchase. For a business to do well, clients need to be offered a chance to speak their hearts out. Mobile apps allow customers to do just that. 

Steps to Building a Mobile App

To serve your clients better, you need a feature-rich mobile building app, and there is no better option than APPExperts. With APPExperts, you can create an app without any technical understanding. Here is the step-by-step guide to how to build a mobile app for your business with this amazing app building tool:

Step 1: Establishing Goals

First, set your goal as what you want to achieve with a mobile app. This will guide you in choosing the right format and design. If you are a blogger, you may need it to be information-based, and if you want to convert customers, you may want it to be product-rich.

Every goal has different success metrics, requiring a different app style. Whatever you choose, make sure it is related to your company’s marketing strategy.

Step 2: Plugin Installation

To make your business app, you need to download the APPExperts plugin and install it on your WordPress site so that your app can connect to it.

Open the admin panel on your WordPress site and select the dashboard tab from the main menu.

Dashboard Tab

Select the “plugin” tab from the main menu.

Plugin Tab

Select the “Add New” option to add a new plugin.

Add New Plugin

In the search bar, enter “APPExperts.”

WordPress into Mobile App

When the plugin is shown in the results section, tap on the “Install Now” button for plugin activation.

APPExperts into a Mobile App

Step 3: Develop the App

Before creating the app, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan regarding your app’s requirements. It will help you smoothly sail through the app-building journey. Let’s get started.

1- App configuration (general details)

  • Define your app’s name.
  • Define the package name.
  • Provide an app description.

Select app category -> Currently, APPExperts allows you to create apps of three types:

  • App for Blogging
  • E-commerce app (based on WooCommerce)
  • Informative app (for company websites and NGOs)

Connect your WordPress website where you want to pull data from it into your mobile application.

2- App name

Give your app a unique name in the “app name” field.

The name must be unique (use tools like for uniqueness).

The app name should reflect your brand name or show your app’s functionality.

This will display the app name when published in the apps or on the stores’ menu when users install the app. 

App Name

3- Select your App Category

APPExperts enables you to create mobile apps in three categories:

Blogging app: suitable for websites with WordPress blogs (active) as this category allows you to list and show blog posts from your connected WP site.

E-commerce (based on WooCommerce): This category is best if your related site is an e-commerce store with the WooCommerce plugin. Make sure WooCommerce is enabled on your WordPress site if you plan to pick this option.

Informative apps: This category is suitable for corporate and NGO websites. This option enables you to create an app that lists particular pages from your website in the order you provide. 

App Category

4- Add the URL of your WordPress site

Make sure you have the active APPExperts plugin installed on your WordPress website.

Copy the website’s base URL in a format like “” and paste it into the “Your website URL” field.

Copy the license key from the AppExperts plugin settings on your WP site and paste it into the License key field.

If you have an e-commerce site, make sure you have an active WooCommerce plugin.

Click Connect and the connection checker will allow you to know whether you have completed the connection or not.

URL of your WordPress site

How to Create the APPExperts iOS Version

  1. To generate an iOS app version of APPExperts, you need to have:
  • An iOS mobile device (an iPad or an iPhone)
  • A user account with Apple

Here is how you can enroll in the Apple developers’ program as an individual.

“Install test flight” application. With this app, you can test a version of your app by downloading and installing it on your device.

  1. You need to connect APPExperts with your Apple account so that APPExperts can publish your version of the TestFlight account. This will require you to access some credentials from your Apple account and offer them in your APPExperts app in the integration step here: 
  2. Now, click on the ‘build’ button to generate an iOS version. APPExperts will develop the app and send you an email notification when the app-building is done with its status (Successful or failed).

APPExperts iOS Version

  • In the event of a failure, contact support to resolve the issue.
  • In the case of successful app building, you will find the application on your test flight account.

Step 4: Test and release your app

You have almost finished the process of building your app. Before making the app live, preview it to ensure you are happy with its functionality, look, and feel. Also, check for errors, dead links to external sites, and typos. If you have a trusted colleague or group of your target customers, you can also run through it with them. This helps optimize the user experience and checks for any mistakes you might have made.

A Complete Tutorial on How to Build a Mobile App:

The Final Words

Having a mobile app is a must if you want to grow your business and retain more customers. As a result, you must take all the essential measures to integrate your website to a functional mobile app. The decision you make today will have a long-term impact on your company’s performance. When it comes to being one of the first, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

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