Mobile User Acquisition: Five Powerful Ways to Attract New Users for your Mobile App

If you have built an excellent mobile app but you’re unable to market it, your efforts can still fail. So the question arises, how do you stand out across multiple people in millions of apps to acquire users? Especially when you’re nearly half of smartphone users don’t download any apps in a month, and the average user only downloads multiple files?

Mobile User Acquisition

When we talk about mobile user acquisition, the only predictable aspect is that there’s more than one way to leverage your mobile user acquisition strategy to the next level. Hence, in this post, we’ll cover the most prominent mobile user acquisition mediums, examples of how successful mobile apps hit the market segment with their prospective channels, and some merits and demerits of each tactic. Also, users can get expert advice from experienced growth marketers on how to acquire multiple users for your app. Here are some of the mobile user acquisition channels that we will cover:

1- App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is the process of improving mobile app discoverability to rank higher in app store search results. The critical aspect of ASO is making your app more visible to potential users. If you need to rank high in the app store, search results are like being on the first page of Google, and you’re more likely to be noticed.

According to the reports, it has been estimated that 561 million apps are downloaded from app stores every single day. If it is done right, ASO can leverage a considerable amount of high-quality traffic to your app.

  • Focus on significant page elements

It includes top keywords in the title tag; it also features a combination of compelling and eye-catching screenshots, creating a recognizable app icon, and writes an engaging app description that can leverage significantly within the App Store Rankings.

  • Localize App Store Pages

You can localize app store pages for each target market size, including search keywords. North American customers generate at least 31% of app revenue, and localized search keywords and welcome pages can result in up to 767% more downloads.

  • Optimizing Search Discoverability and Conversions

In terms of A/B testing page elements, you can identify what works best to entice your site visitors to download and launch your mobile app.

2- Organic Mobile User Acquisition

Organic channels can be a practical and cost-effective way to leverage app user acquisition. Developing a website, maintaining active social media channels, and funneling traffic to your app store page are all the relevant tactics that leverage organic growth to the climax.

Hence, organic campaigns are primarily considered adequate when they are constituted with paid ads, which can leverage organic app installs by 150% or vice versa. It also proves the essence of diversifying your mobile user acquisition efforts with multiple strategies and channels.

3- Paid Advertising

Paid ads can quickly put your app in front of a massive audience and create multiple touch points to engage existing and contemporary users. Also, it would be best to think of social media ads, PPC campaigns via Google Adwords, native and interstitial ads, and even cross-promotions with the partner apps.

Paid Advertising

  • Tailor ads for multiple funnel stages

If you create different ads and CTAs, you can target potential users at each stage of the process to nurture them from awareness to download or purchase your app.

  • Using Audience Targeting

If you seek to create more personalized ads based on the demographics, interests, behaviors, and device types. Suppose you don’t get so specific that your target audience is considered too small. In that case, i.e., Facebook also recommends a target audience of at least 100k.

  • Create a Series of Mobile App Landing Pages

It also creates a series of mobile app landing pages designed to convert visitors who tend to click on your ads. Also, you need to describe your app’s features and value proposition so that visitors are enticed to click through, download and launch your app.

4- Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to win your target audience’s trust and gain a following can be incredibility difficult, especially when you’ve just entered the market segment. Suppose you want to tap into an influencer who has already established a relationship with your target users. In that case, you can also increase your credibility and brand awareness sustainably and precisely.

Influencer Marketing

In particular, 33% of users have said they downloaded an app because it was recommended to them for mobile user acquisition, as per the following factors:

  • Choose Influencers Carefully

As per the extensions of your brand, think of influencer marketing as an exclusive partnership. While you need to be selective, you should also enable influencers’ creative freedom to represent you in a way that suits their brand and audience.

  • Select the Right Platform

Would you choose Facebook or YouTube? Famous blogger or Instagram celebrity? When choosing a platform, you need to consider where your target audience spends their precious time.

  • Focus on Storytelling

Along with the influencer to tell the story of how your app suits their lives and impacts the gradual things they and their audience cares about their preferences.

5- Email Marketing

According to the latest reports, 70% of emails are now opened on mobile apps, so there is a huge opportunity to leverage customers and prospects of your app. You can use email marketing tactics to promote your brand content strategy, share product updates, offer multiple discounts, and type upcoming events.

Hence, email is also classified as a seamless way to connect with your target audience in a more personalized way, whether it’s a happy birthday email, a custom offer, or a personal recommendation of content.


In a nutshell, using the right set of mobile user acquisition techniques helps you leverage awareness among the target audience to use and install your app, which scales your app faster. After acquiring those new users, the next step will be to leverage engagement tactics and ensure that you retain these app users in the long term.

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