Mobile App Statistics: Why Your Business Needs an App in 2023

mobile app statistics

Currently, there are over 6.3 billion smartphone users in the world. What makes you think that your business can survive without one? Considering current trends, having a mobile app for your business has become crucial. Mobile applications have become a regular part of a human’s life, from checking your Instagram notification to playing games. 

Apps are being created at an increasing rate. The epidemic has caused a change in consumer behavior. In this epidemic, technology has been crucial in assisting people in their daily lives. Thanks to mobile devices and apps, work can now be completed from home more efficiently. In order to succeed today, businesses need to be mobile-friendly.

By 2023, mobile apps are anticipated to generate over $935 billion in revenue. – You heard that right! Have you ever questioned why someone chooses to use (or choose not to use) a mobile app? Or which kind of mobile app they’re most likely to use? Or how much time do they spend using the downloaded mobile apps?

For this infographic, we’ve gathered some of the top mobile app statistics, projections, and facts, to help you understand the importance of having a mobile business app and how to align it with current market trends to facilitate your target audience in the best manner.

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