Why Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Blog

Have a Mobile App for Your Blog

To what extent do you think a blog app could help your profession if you’re just starting? How important is it to have an app for your blogs, or do you think websites are enough? Let’s have a look!

A blog visitor looking for simple navigation to easily locate relevant posts. Smartphone users are tired of using a computer, browsing online, and searching for content.

Even if you have a blog site up and running, there’s always room for improvement and new ideas by creating a blog app. All the evidence points to the widespread acceptance of mobile apps in recent years.

One study found that smartphones and other mobile devices were used to access 62.06% of the website traffic.

Future success and survival depend on a solid blog website base, as mobile apps are the wave of the future.

Additionally, a blog isn’t necessarily a beneficial addition to every website. If your app is just a flashlight, there isn’t much you can say about it. However, if you are trying to get people to download your fitness app, you may upload various articles on health and fitness-related topics.

If you are going to put in the effort to run a blog, here are five things that ensure its success with the mobile app.

Improve Your Mobile App’s Usability

As we have seen, apps have quickly become an expected part of the modern user experience. The question is, why have apps become increasingly popular? Because they provide a superior user experience compared to a website. The overall mobile user experience was immensely enhanced by developing a mobile app for a blog. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a mobile web user for a moment after entering the URL, and a little wait is required for the page to load; once inside, you’ll have to cope with clunky navigation and many unnecessary tabs.

On the other side, apps offer a quick access point with a single tap, whether it be through a home screen icon or a notification. The native navigation and features of the app using it a significantly more pleasant and efficient experience. The aesthetic quality of mobile app design is unrivaled. Because typical gestures like swiping and tapping are simplified, the user experience is enhanced.

Publish Alerts Within Minutes

Users can be asked respectfully if they want to receive push notifications when installing your app. Most people say “yes” when asking this, at least those who are daily users of apps. People can consent to receive notifications from you without even providing their name or email address; they have to tap the “OK” button.

Getting “subscribers” in this way is far more practical than utilizing a traditional mailing list. Eighty percent of the people on your email list either ignore or don’t read your emails, so you can now use push notifications to alert them whenever you create a new blog post. By doing so, thousands of people will be notified instantly whenever you write a new blog post.

Using Features on Mobile Devices

The application’s interface, layout, screen design, buttons, menu, etc., should work in tandem to provide a consistent experience. If you already have a popular website with plenty of traffic, your blog app’s theme may complement it. The capabilities of a mobile device, such as its camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc., are put to good use by mobile applications.

In the future, it will become increasingly crucial that a blog app has seamless, fluid, and dynamic navigation. Even though many online app builders offer many different menu styles, integrating support for these types of devices into an app can increase the utility and fun of the app for its users. The app might allow users to share photographs taken with the camera.

Mobile apps can take advantage of the camera, GPS, and other features of mobile devices. Some technological restrictions and privacy concerns are inherent in using a device’s multimedia features which mobile apps can use.

Better Performance and Reduced Wait Times

It has been stated that if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 50% of visitors will abandon it. Even though the average human attention span has shrunk and people have become more impatient, this is appalling. Remember, people wouldn’t become part of the “lost 50 percent” if they could get at your stuff quickly and easily from your app menu.

These days, information is a commodity that everyone desires immediately. Mobile and tablet apps are readily accessible on the device, so they load quickly even if the user isn’t connected to the internet. In order to display a website to a user, a web browser like Google Chrome must first connect to a remote web server, download the page in its authority, and then display it. You may also know that not all web hosting businesses are created equal.

Increase Revenue and Blog Reputation

The greater the interest and satisfaction people have with your brand and business, the higher your customer demand will be. A product people can’t wait to buy will undoubtedly generate a lot of revenue. No mobile app compares to the general app in this regard. But it’s important to keep costs down while you’re creating it.

Yes, it’s essential to have a site that’s ethically made and compatible with many mobile devices today. This eliminates the need for a separate, clunky “mobile” site. The launching of a mobile app and a responsive website at the same time, however, can boost sales and enhance the user experience. As it turns out, mobile devices now account for 52% of their online purchases.

Can you spot a trend here? There is a growing market for mobile apps that encourage more sales by making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to purchase.

When buyers are happier, businesses see a bump in revenue. More people want to buy from you, and those who do will be more enthusiastic about your products and services. A product people can’t wait to buy will undoubtedly generate much revenue.

Steps to Building a Mobile App

APPExperts allows you to create a mobile app with no coding experience. Follow these simple steps to learn how to use this powerful app creator to create a mobile app for your blog:

Step 1: Establishing Goals

It’s important to establish early on the purpose of your mobile app. Use this information to guide you toward the best presentation options. You might have a lot of content if you’re a blogger.

Step 2: Plugin Installation

When creating a blog app, you must install the APPExperts plugin on your WordPress site for your app to communicate with it.

Navigate to the WordPress administrative menu to get access to the dashboard.

Plugin Installation - Access to the dashboard

From the main menu, choose the “plugin” tab.

Plugin Installation - Choose the plugin tab

To add a new plugin, click the “Add New” button.

Plugin Installation - click the Add New button

Type “APPExperts” into the search box.

Plugin Installation - Type APPExperts into the search box

Click the “Install Now” button next to the plugin when it appears in the results list. Click the “Install Now” button next to the plugin when it appears in the results list.

Plugin Installation - Click the Install Now button

Step 3: Develop the App

Before building an app, you must have a well-planned strategy. It makes app-making easy.

Let’s get started

1- App configuration (general details)

  • Define your app’s name
  • Define the website name
  • Provide an App description

2- Choose the category of the App

  • App for Blogging
  • E-commerce app (based on WooCommerce)
  • Informative app (for company websites and NGOs)

Here we select App for Blogging

Now, Connect your WordPress website to your mobile application if you wish to access data from it.

3- App Name

  • Choose a unique name for your app in the “app name” field
  • The name must be unique
  • The app’s name should represent the company’s brand or highlight its features
  • This will display the app name when the app is published in the app store

Develop the App - App Name

4- Select your App Category

  • Choose the blogging app category appropriate for websites with WordPress blogs since this category enables you to list and display blog entries from your connected WP site.

Develop the App - Select your App Category

5- Add the URL of your WordPress site

  • Ensure that the APPExperts plugin is active and installed on your WordPress site.
  • Copy the website’s base URL in the format “https://www.example.com/” and paste it into the area labeled “Your website URL.”
  • Copy the license key from your WordPress site’s APPExperts plugin settings and paste it into the License key field.
  • The connection checker will indicate whether the connection was successfully established if you click Connect.

6- How to Create the APPExperts iOS Version

  • To generate an iOS app version of APPExperts, you need to have:
  • An iOS mobile device (an iPad or an iPhone)
  • A user account with Apple

Listed below are the three steps required to enroll as an individual in Apple’s developer program.

  • Install the application for the test flight. You can test a version of your app by downloading and installing it on your smartphone using this app.
  • You must connect APPExperts with your Apple account for APPExperts to publish your TestFlight app. This requires you to access credentials from your Apple account and provide them in the APPExperts integration step:
  • Now, click “build” to develop an iOS version. APPExperts will develop the app and email you the app’s status when the development is complete (Successful or failed).

How to Create the APPExperts iOS Version


  • In the event of a failure, contact support to resolve the issue.
  • In the case of successful app building, you will find the application on your test flight account.

7- Test and Release Your App

You are nearing the completion of the app development process. Preview the application before releasing it to the public to confirm its functionality, appearance, and ambiance that meet your expectations. Also, check for typos, mistakes, and broken links to external sites. If you have a tested group of your ideal readers, you can also run it by them. This assists in optimizing the user experience and verifies the absence of any errors.

A Complete Tutorial on How to Build a Mobile App:


If you already have a website, it will be easy to decide. APPExperts is the best and most affordable way to turn a website into an app. Its dynamic interface makes it the most cost-effective choice and your best buddy if you want to be future-proof and expand your blogging.

There is no need to wait for app development by hiring online app developers when you have this incredible app builder that is powerful and dynamic. Feel free to explore the blogging world by using this amazing platform.

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