Top Mobile App Design Trends (2024)

Top Mobile App Design Trends (2023)

In the fast-evolving tech world, new mobile apps keep constantly popping up. So, not to stay behind and be competitive in the mobile app design game, we need to forget about the idea that things remain forever (permanency) and instead should be getting ready to embrace the latest app UI/UX designing trends.

“According to the research, an individual spends more than 4 hours daily on app usage.”

The above statistics show how much mobile apps are part of every individual life, and to keep your app retention rate at most 80%, it should be something that attracts users but is not too casual or too fancy.

Also, in 2024, mobile app UI/UX design witnessed a drastic change from extravagant designs to embracing minimalism and simplicity. So, not to be left behind, you need to check this guide highlighting all the current app design trends changing the mobile app landscape in 2024.

Without further delay, let’s begin the exploration.

Why is Keeping up with Mobile App Design Trends Necessary?

Like technology, UI/UX trends are modified daily, as one thing that is in demand today might be that it will vanish tomorrow. So, keeping up with the mobile app design trends is necessary to avoid being neglected by your targeted users. However, many other reasons make it mandatory to pick the app designing trends that in hype are:

Market Relevance

Whether your app is about music, gaming, or socializing, your target audience always wants something unique and different that makes your app attractive to them. So, staying current with app design trends is necessary to remain relevant in the market and increase your visibility and downloads.

Brand Image

The design of your app is the image of your brand. A well-designed app can enhance your brand image, conveying professionalism, trustworthiness, and a commitment to user experience. On the other hand, if your app is outdated or designed unprofessionally, it can negatively influence your brand perception.

User Retention

An intuitive and responsive design can improve user satisfaction and persuade users to use your app. Also, when they get improvement in the same app they are using, they are more likely to continue with it over time.

User Engagement

Engaging UI designs, including attractive elements and animations, can boost user engagement. Active users are more likely to engage with your app, use its features, and potentially in-app purchases or share it with others.

Latest Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends for 2024

The year 2024 made us realize that innovation and technological advancement have no boundaries. So, staying at the forefront of user interface and experience trends is paramount. Together with us, let’s take a journey to explore the latest UI/UX trends that let you shape the success of your app:


Minimalism is the first approach that successfully makes its marks prominent while keeping things simple and functional. This UI design involves clean looks with a limited color spectrum; it prefers lots of empty space with purposeful graphics and not-so-fancy typography. Also, by avoiding extra stuff, designers only focus on elements that make apps easy to use and attractive to their users.


But, it’s necessary to remember that exaggerating minimalism sometimes creates hurdles for average users to understand the app. Still, intelligent designers with a balanced minimalist approach can introduce a successful app, making the situation a win-win for both users and the brand.


After the emergence of AI, another trend that is rising in app design is the rise of chatbots. They are becoming a must-have feature as a friendly digital assistance in all kinds of apps. It is a helpful feature that makes your app appropriate for a diverse background target audience, making it easier for users to get help and find information within the app.


It brings a human touch to a digital interaction, making users feel more connected and supported. Chatbots are versatile, available 24/7 to assist users, and can handle diverse tasks promptly, improving user satisfaction and engagement.

Passwordless Login

Remembering passwords is complex, making it more annoying for users to verify their identity when they login to the app. Suppose you provide passwordless login alternatives to users. In that case, the chances of your app getting more user attention are high as they don’t need to enter the credentials each time and still get effective authentication methods.

Passwordless Login

Fingerprint, facial recognition, and one-time code sent to the user’s email can be used as authentication methods for offering passwordless login.

Split Screen

Is it not fascinating to be able to multitask without switching apps? Yes, introducing a split screen allows app users to work efficiently by dividing their screens into two or more sections, each running a different app or displaying distinct content simultaneously.

Split Screen

This design innovation dramatically improves users’ productivity and convenience, enabling seamless interaction between apps, whether it’s about comparing products, referencing notes, or even having video calls while browsing the web. It’s worth noting that it’s not a new trend, but now more in demand.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality that overlays digital information, objects, or experiences onto the real world via mobile device camera or sensor is helping minimize the distance between the real and virtual world.

Augmented Reality

“According to estimates, the total AR device users will reach 1.4 billion by the end of 2024”.

Statistics show that augmented reality holds an immense influence on user experience. From letting the app users try their favorite product on their own space before making a purchase decision to enhancing learning by bringing the textbook and lesson to life with interactive 3D. Adding it to your mobile app design can boost engagement and offer a compelling user experience.

User Generated Content

User-generated content is another trend that got immense attention in the year 2024 in the mobile app development industry. People always seek validation from like-minded people. So, adding this approach allows designers to create immersive, personalized user experiences that foster a dynamic community within the app.

Also, it lets businesses get invaluable access to customer insight, allowing them to enhance products and cater to user preferences effectively.


The supremacy of adding animation to mobile app design will still exist in 2024. From micro-interaction to elaborative illustrations, animations remain a top-notch way to captivate users’ attention.

But precisely, 3D design animation is gaining more popularity because of its infusion of playfulness and nostalgia into the user experience. Also, the advent of high-speed internet provides designers the liberty to explore even more imaginative animation ideas without worrying about connectivity interruptions.

Wrap Up

Every day, countless apps launch in the market and set new trends in the mobile app design industry. However, keeping up with them is impossible; even adding all the trends in your app can create chaos. To make the choice easy for you, we mentioned the top trending mobile app design trends 2024 that will help you redefine your innovation boundaries and set new heights of user experience.

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