Create Social Networking Sites & Apps Using PeepSo APPExperts Integration

Create Social Networking Sites & Apps Using PeepSo APPExperts Integration

Ever consider the immense popularity of social networking sites among daily Internet users? 45% of the world’s population now spends 2-4 hours per day on social media.

This reinstates how powerful social networking sites can be. Keeping the same number in mind, you can also get popular and earn a considerable amount if you start building a social network right now!

Here in this article, we will show you a path as to what actionable steps you should take to meet your objectives via social networking sites. 

Why Social Networking Sites are Popular 

It makes sense that social networks are popular, whether it’s because of addiction or passion. Here, we will explore the reasons:

  • You remain in touch

Social networking sites give you the most straightforward approach to staying in touch with your friends or accomplices who live abroad. Social networking sites enable you to get or keep in touch, whether it’s with family who live far away or old classmates you haven’t met for ages. Also, one constantly keeps an eye on what’s going on in friend’s and family members’ lives via networking sites.

  • Common interests are shared

Social networks are best at displaying each person’s hobbies. You can meet people whose interests are the same as yours on a particular networking site or app. Whether you are a book nerd or a die-hard sports fan doesn’t matter. Social networking sites are now much more widely used for sharing common interests and beliefs than just a hobby.

  • Business Promotion is Effective

Social networking sites have become marketplaces, and businesses are leveraging them to the fullest. Social media sites are the best for promoting brands and running PR campaigns. On social media, users discuss different businesses, complain about services, and post feedback. The majority of adults who frequent social media platforms enjoy following brands there. Both large-scale and small companies can find hundreds of chances to make money on social networking sites.

Types of Social Networking Sites

Why social networking sites are essential in the current era

Before we go into the importance of social networking sites, let’s understand what social networking is:

Social Networking – The Concept

Social networking is maintaining online contact with friends, coworkers, family, and consumers via social platforms. Social networking can serve social and business purposes through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Returning to social networking sites’ importance, it is vital to assess marketing opportunities. Social networking sites offer you a lot of opportunities as a digital marketer. It is evident from the following statistics:

As per Meta, Facebook remains the largest and most popular social network, with 2.91 billion people using the platform monthly as of Dec. 31, 2021.

As per Statista, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are among the next most popular.

Another significant aspect here is the user impact created by millennials. Gen Z is the main reason social networking sites are becoming popular. This helps businesses market their products more.

A 2022 survey found that younger consumers were most likely to use social media as a news source, with 50 percent of Gen Z and 44 percent of millennials reporting daily usage. By contrast, 43% of Boomers said they never used social networks for news.

So, it’s clear that social networking sites are important for keeping customers interested, building communities, and keeping businesses going.

Scope of WordPress to build social networking websites

WordPress is a widely used platform that is famous for building blogs. Also, developers use it to build social networking sites as it is incredibly user-friendly. You can also customize it to create social media websites. WordPress helps build well-known social networking platforms. Websites like Facebook and Instagram are more than possible to design using WordPress.

But here is a caution!

WordPress is a handy platform for social media, but it’s essential to understand its downsides. WordPress websites have reportedly been exploited to propagate viruses and malware, and they are a common target for hackers. So, if you use WordPress to design social networking sites, keep your website secure and updated.

Moreover, WordPress currently powers nearly one-third of all websites on the planet. With the right skills and commitment, WordPress can be used for practically anything. As a result, WordPress also allows for the creation of community websites.

You’ll need a community plugin like PeepSo to create a community or social networking site. PeepSo is one of the most popular and useful plugins. It lets you make almost any kind of community or social networking website, with user profiles, groups, activities, discussion forums, private messaging, registration forms, and much more.

Why PeepSo is the Best Solution to Build a Social Networking Website 


PeepSo is a free and lightweight plugin for designing social network sites on WordPress. It allows you to effortlessly and seamlessly insert a social network or an online community inside your WordPress site, just like Facebook.

PeepSo is a one-stop-shop concerning social networking features. You can easily make a clown of almost any social networking or community site through some of the following PeepSo features:

Exploring PeepSo’s Features for Social Networking Sites

– Avatars and Cover Images:

You can enable users to pick their avatars and cover images.

– Customizable Profiles:

Profiles have custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

– Profile Settings:

It is possible to set visibility preferences and notifications.

– Profile Likes:

Users can “like” the profiles of other users.

– Custom Profile Fields:

Creating custom profile fields via PeepSo for community members is seamless. Users can set single-select, multiple-select, and birthday fields, as well as the date, country, and more. Everything is easy to create on the same page without needing to refresh and save. At the front end, it is easy for a user to edit their profile fields seamlessly.


Customize your own registration form with custom profile fields.


Set the default privacy for profiles and whether or not users can change it.

Customize Default Fields:

Personalize the default PeepSo fields. For instance, you can add further gender options.

Custom Profile Field Types:

Single select, multi-select, separator URL, text, date, location, email, and country.

– Reactions:

PeepSo is more than “likes” regarding reactions on social networking sites. Responses to stream uploads containing sentimental messages like “love,” “laughter,” “wink,” and many others. PeepSo comes with a set of reactions already installed and a powerful admin panel that lets you change everything, add your own, play with the text and icons, and do a lot more.

More than ‘like’:

Install and offer custom reactions to the community for appropriate reactions on a user post.

Onsite Notifications:

Customize the text for the Reaction notification.

Default reactions:

PeepSo comes with a built-in set of reactions that you can use right away.

Own Reactions:

You can upload your custom images as SVG, PNG, or animated GIFs.

– Hashtags:

Hashtags can be used on any PeepSo Post, whether a person has created them on an activity stream or in a group. Postings’ privacy settings will be preserved. It means in no way can the use of hashtags endanger users’ privacy. According to the post, each tag counts as one.

PeepSo offers built-in hashtag search functionality. Either use the search bar or a hashtag to conduct a hashtag search. Members who use search are also aware of hashtags’ minimum and maximum character limits. The only postings that appear in search results are those that users can see. 

Remember, the Groups plugin is not included in the free PeepSo bundle.

Hashtag search:

Keeping regular searches apart, it is easy to combine the search with searching for hashtags to narrow down posts.


PeepSo allows you to customize your preferences, such as the minimum and maximum hashtag length, among other things.


While you filter hashtags, they will be automatically added to the postbox for seamless post creation. 

– Polls:

Ask a question and let the community decide! You and your community can generate polls in posts with PeepSo’s polls plugin. User profiles, groups, and the main activity stream can all have polls.

Voting by users is permitted once per poll. The layout is clean and uncomplicated, and as it is fully responsive, it looks fantastic on mobile and desktop devices. Users not logged in can view polls in postings but cannot participate or view the results. They have to log in to vote and view the results. You may choose which community members can create polls using the User Limits plugin.

Remember, the Groups plugin is excluded from the free bundle.

Who can create polls?

It’s up to the admins. Only they can decide whether or not regular users can create polls.

Multi-Select Polls:

PeepSo allows users to create polls by selecting multiple options.

Single Select Polls:

PeepSo lets users create polls via single-select options.

Ask away everywhere:

Users can attach polls to user status updates and add them to group status updates.

– Chat:

Use real-time chat and private messaging to communicate. Every group of people requires a practical method for communicating secretly. With the help of PeepSo, you can send personal messages to multiple users and create a private group for a chat.

Real-time Chat:

Chat always works in real-time.


PeepSo keeps chat optimized for minimum server usage.

Email notifications:

Users will be notified via email when a message is waiting for them.

Group Chat:

Messages and chat work for group or one-to-one conversations.

– Friends:

The privacy level of “friends” and their connections. Every community’s foundation is its ability to forge connections. PeepSo allows your members to add friends. Also, they can accept or reject friend requests and set the “Friends Only” privacy settings. It’s essential! The community is what draws individuals back because of their friendships. 

Add Friends & Follow:

Let your users make friends, as well as follow other members.

Get connected! Our free bundle enables up to 50 friendships for your members.

Friends Birthday Widget:

This feature shows forthcoming friends’ birthday announcements on their birthdays.

My Friends Widget:

Displays users’ recent friends when published.

Mutual Friends:

You can see who is a mutual friend while looking at the members’ listings.

Mention Friends:

A user can mention friends in comments or status updates.

Friends Only:

Users can write posts for their friends only. 

– Photos:

Create albums and post pictures to profiles and groups. Members can add photographs to the stream, groups, and chats using the essential plugin Photos. Communities are revitalized by the images that people love to view and share. Members can comment, respond, and share the pictures with their friends after clicking on them in a lovely theater-view window. 

Images in Status Posts:

Upload images to groups, comments, posts, and profiles.

Community Photos Widget:

Displays the latest images of your community.

My Photos Widget:

Shows the latest images of users. When placed in the PeepSo Widget position on users’ profiles, it shows users’ images to profile visitors.

Status Updates:

Optional auto status updates if users change their cover images or avatars. 


Making photo albums in groups and user profiles is simple.

Image Quality:

It’s easy to set photos’ image quality for file size optimization. 

– Videos:

Connect users to one another globally. Videos can be linked in posts and generate engagement through likes, reactions, and comments.

Videos can play along with posts and will display in theater mode. Moreover, it’s simple to link videos to movies from websites that work with WordPress, like YouTube and Vimeo.

Live broadcasting on YouTube and other supported platforms is fully supported.

Supported Providers:

The video plugin supports all major providers, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

Community Media Widget:

Displays recent videos of your community.

Live Stream Videos:

Support live streaming through YouTube and other supported video service providers.

My Videos Widget:

Displays the latest videos posted by users. When placed in the PeepSo widget position, it displays the user’s videos to profile visitors.

Share Videos:

Shareable videos to groups and user profiles… 

How to Install PeepSo

  • First, head on to WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.
  • Now, you have two options:

A) Use the search field to search for PeepSo.


B) Click “Upload plugin” and insert the downloaded ZIP file from -> Profile -> Purchases

  • Choose “Install Now.”
  • After finishing the installation, click “Activate” to enable the PeepSo plugin.

Installing Free PeepSo Bundle

Follow this path;

Admin -> PeepSo -> Installer

Now, choose “Add New”

Now, Go to the “Plugins” tab in the dashboard and search “PeepSo.”

Click the “Install Now”  button

Click “Activate” to finish the installation

Carefully read and accept PeepSo’s Terms & Conditions by clicking the “Accept” button

Here you are! Free PeepSo Bundle license is automatically created

To install & enable multiple PeepSo add-ons, use the “Show bulk actions” button and choose multiple add-ons and use the “Install” or “Activate” buttons in the toolbar.  

Video Tutorial to Install PeepSo

Why it is essential to develop mobile apps for social networking websites

Social media has essentially changed how app developers and consumers engage. What was once a novel way of connecting with customers is now a crucial instrument in the app market. It is now essential for client service, marketing, and public relations.

Here are some reasons why social media is vital to most top app development companies.

1- Brand Awareness

Even though an app has outstanding features, success is not guaranteed. The proper market is essential for the success of your app as a brand. Therefore, social media is a must in app development to increase brand exposure. It will assist you in spreading knowledge of your app so that the appropriate audience can use it. With this, you may spread the word about your mobile app to millions of individuals all over the world.

2- Connectivity

Social networking is necessary for app development if you need accessible communication with potential mobile app users. You can share information about your app with consumers worldwide through social media. Since you may communicate with anyone from anywhere globally, location is not an obstacle here. You can connect with other app users to learn about their experiences and share your own. 

3- Greater Client Satisfaction

You can communicate and make network connections with mobile app users through social media. If you can humanize your mobile app, consumers will value it. Client satisfaction rises, as a result, leading to more app downloads and usage. Social media provides a platform for developing and enhancing your app’s publicity.

4- Increased Conversion Rate

Social media apps increase global awareness among the appropriate demographic. It increases the likelihood of your app having a higher conversion rate. Here, you can communicate with the right audience through videos, blogs, and other means. On various social media platforms, you can use social media to personify your brand (app).

5- No Added Cost for Paid Ads

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on social media advertising. And the majority of it involves you paying the businesses for the consumer information they possess so that you can appropriately target your niche market. With your in-house social networking mobile app, there is no need to spend money on advertising.

How APPExperts can let you build Android & iOS for PeePso websites

APPExperts is a WordPress mobile application builder plugin. It enables businesses to integrate WordPress apps. APPExperts allows you to create pages, build menus, customize designs, and insert features as you would on any WordPress site.

APPExperts offers mobility solutions. It is a secure and future-proof WordPress plugin for iOS and Android app building. APPExperts seamlessly increase productivity and efficiency and enable businesses to combat daily challenges, including scalability.

Step By Step Guide to Convert PeepSo Website into Mobile App Using APPExperts

PeepSo is a plugin for WordPress that lets you make social networking sites and communities that are both attractive and interesting.

  • To create a PeepSo mobile app, from the APPExperts builder, choose the “PRO” app category “Social Community.”
  • PeepSo should be active on your WordPress website.

In the content step, you can find four components that you can add to your menu that are related to PeepSo, which are:

  • Timeline– includes reactions, comments, and posts  – adding new posts [text, video, photo]
  • Members [view members, add friends, send, accept and reject friend requests]
  • Groups [{create and view group), (invite, join and accept and reject invitation), leave group]
  • Profile [view profile details and view others’ profiles]

Demo App for PeepSo Users (Build via APPExperts)

To make it more clear for you as to how a PeepSo-based WordPress site looks in a mobile environment, we have designed a sample app. By looking at this app, you will grasp how APPExperts can do wonders for a PeepSo-based WordPress site. The app is available on both Android and iOS stores. Experience it now!


WordPress is the best platform for creating social networking sites, as it helps developers and users alike. The difficulty level is minimal, and it has a vast community that supports developers and users alike. When WordPress meets a user-friendly plugin like PeepSo, it becomes a better combination to create a social networking site like Facebook.

Further, today, no business can succeed or go to another level without leveraging mobile apps. Having a social media website isn’t enough unless you supplement it with an app, which is where APPExperts come in. With APPExperts, you can convert a social networking site seamlessly. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned process, and you are good to go.


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