Registration API

This API is used to register a woocommerce user, and obtain the access token used in all subsequent API calls. 

URL:  [POST] /api/v1/register

curl -X POST "https://BASE_URL/api/v1/register"
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "{ \"firstName\": \"FIRST_NAME\", \"lastName\": \"LAST_NAME\", \"email\": \"EMAIL\", \"phoneNumber\": \"PHONE_NUMBER\", \"subscribedThrough\": \"woocommerce\", \"plainPassword\": { \"first\": \"PLAIN_PASS", \"second\": \"REPEAT_PLAIN_PASS" }}"

Request parameters

Parameter nameValueDescriptionOptional 
firstNamestringFirst name of the userNo
lastNamestringLast name of the userNo
emailstringEmail of the userNo
phoneNumberstringPhone number of the userNo
subscribedThroughstringMust be “woocommerce” to mark the user checkout method as woocommerce checkoutNo
plainPassword[first]stringStrong passwordNo
plainPassword[second]stringRepeat of strong passwordNo
countryCodestringCountry code. Ex: EGYes

Response parameters

Parameter nameValueDescriptionOptional 
tokenstringAuthorization tokenNo
refresh_tokenstringRefresh token, to get a new tokenNo
dataobjectCustomer dataNo

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